The Crying of Lot 49

Thomas Pynchon

mattv read

By Thomas Pynchon. I would like to say I enjoyed the book, but truly I finished reading in a fog, unable to distinguish between the scathing critique of 60s LA, analysis of mail service in the medieval Holy Roman Empire, and whatever boat Pynchon’s parody of the Beatles was stealing at the time. 10/10.

lise read

Author: Thomas Pynchon Format: Paperback Rating: I have no fucking clue Thoughts: literally no thoughts. I fully believe men claiming they love this book/love pynchon are all just circle jerking with other male manipulator men

josh read

by Thomas Pynchon Short but incredibly dense, paranoid, funny? SoCal a la developer monopolies, secret societies, defense industry conglomerates, greasy motels, and semi-faux european history. A quick fever dream of a book, recommend